Blue Collar Shop – Request for Proposal

Dear Potential Design partner:

We’ve worked tirelessly on building the foundation for this step, the contract is is still not finalized, but take it’s robust and complete nature as a token of our seriousness on conducting business properly with this start-up business. This is not a mickey-mouse or homemade side project, the two principles (B. Hormozi & M. Bhrad) are ready to commit 15-20 hours per week each to make this work. Our request from the design partner is only a tiny fraction of that.

If you want this to be an opportunity for you to make some quick cash on the side, this is NOT for you! This is longterm, involves a spirited and experienced designer, and we believe, will pay you better dividends in the long-haul, than any other single brand you have ever worked on. You can view our projections on page 7.

We say that with confidence to any modern graphic designer or art director working at the rate of $50-$100/hr. This project will require a commitment to the brand as your own, and a commitment to the company NOT as a Contractor, but as a partner!

Upon further reflection, Ben and I have decided that the terms are very marginally negotiable, if negotiable at all (depends on who you are and what you bring to the table). The reason being is we have already made 3 sales without the product itself actually launching, this is a unique opportunity and we have now decided to open the pool of candidates to more than our original 4-5 designers, because we want the best teammate possible.

Process – Next Steps:

Attached you will find a 9 page mock-final contract … that just means it is still being reviewed for legalities, but is about 98% ready to go. In the interest of time I have shared the active version with you now to begin the submission process. If you are interested and would like to compete for this position, please:

  1. review the contract
  2. review page 6 to understand the submission process (I ask that you read it fully before calling with any questions)
  3. make your submission to this email address in a JPG or PNG file based on the criteria indicated on page 6

If you have more specific questions about the submission, no problem, but be sure to please read the entire thing so you are clear as to the dates, timelines, and our goals from these submissions. It is not to find a final product, it is to get a working model to move forward on as well as assess your availability for work, design skills and styles, artistic vision, and ability to communicate with us as a partner.

Process – Final Steps:

The company expects a final decision on submission for inclusion (whether you will be bidding for partnership or declining) from the design contractor by Dec. 9, 2011, if a response isn’t received by Dec 9th then we are presuming you’ve declined the offer. We purposely have made the deadline tight because we have an expected launch of April 2012, and we’d like to asses your ability to deliver within any given timeline. We will make a choice on our Design partner no later than Dec 12th 2012.

This is an overview of the total materials that we need from you before website launch in April 12′:

  1. Corporate Brand Identity; logo, business cards, letterhead, etc …
  2. Website Design (design based on a wire frame diagrams – includes no more than 25 hrs)

We are looking for a very simple, repetitive design throughout the site, as well as maintaining a smaller beta model of a website in the onset. Smaller means about 8-10 unique pages (rough estimates) and minimalist (mostly white with very light artistic value) design. Here are some representations of what we would want the design to look like from a Homepage, Internal Admin page, and Marketing/Registration landing page standpoint:

Notice the descriptions beneath each pop-up that represent the type of page. We are not overly concerned with design specifications, as long as it fits this theme. We are far more concerned with the application programming which will be handle by us.

Please note this contract is for a 3 year (36 month) period, that doesn’t mean you are tied to it for 3 years, we have a yearly renewal process. Additionally there is no penalty on your end for leaving other than the forfeiting of your partner-shares.
[download]Download the BCS mock-final Contract[/download]

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