Monthly Marketing Packages

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Features Starter Pro Ultimate
Price $49 $99 $149
Storage check check check
Monthly uploads check check check
Number of blogs check check check
Support check check check
1000s of designs check check check
Post photos, video & audio check check check
Make money advertising check check check
Domain mapping check check check
Additional authors delete check check
Total design customization delete check check
Priority support delete check check
Powerful publishing features delete check check
Post from your mobile phone delete check check
Create Photo Albums to display your photos delete check check
Easy editing in Rich Text Format delete check check
Post to your blog by email delete delete check
Create audio and video podcasts delete delete check
Enable RSS Feeds delete delete check
Drag and drop to customize layouts delete delete check
Schedule posts for future dates delete delete check
Built-in security features delete delete check
Google Analytics delete delete check
Spam protection delete delete check
Password-protect your blogs delete delete check
Integration with other sites delete delete check
Easily post to Twitter and Facebook delete delete check
Integration with Social Networking delete delete check
eCommerce integration delete delete check

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