Website Brand, Design & Development

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ebsite design and branding are two different components of web development. The difference lies in the purpose of each component:

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Website Design Development:

The structural framework and vibrant dressed finish of your website. The colors being used, the combination of shapes, the amount of textual content, the spatial organization of the components or modules, the physical attributes of those modules, etc … The point is, it’s a bit of the user experience (as far as the structural framework and content planning) as well as the forefront, aesthetic-appearance of that skeleton.

Website Branding Strategy:

Web branding is less a about the aesthetic, but more about the qualitative. Meaning the emotion psychology a visitor has during their interactions with your structured website content. The middle ground between a picture or illustration and a headline of the section that visual applies to for example. Branding connects the dots in the users mind about your company’s image and contextual nature. Essentially it’s how they feel about you and your product or service.