Choose a Focus

Understanding Ensight’s Process:

Ensight Marketing, a Bay Area SEO Consultants Firm [and further], uses the most modern of targeted web consulting /eCommerce strategies within 8 primary online marketing channels. Ensight’s core specialties are Search Engine Marketing based; initially an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) & PPC (Pay Per Click Management) focused agency, Ensight’s grown to offer our clients quality – targeted web consulting practices and strategies via modern online website marketing channels, standards, and practices.

The staple of our services: Ensight’s Website Visibility Test now applies to more than just organic or paid search engine visibility. This web marketing audit encompasses services like user experience, web branding and reputation management, website brand design, social media optimization, market segment analysis, web traffic analytics, affiliate marketing, and email marketing.

Visibility channels are targeted within the 3 below, macro-marketing divisions. You get to choose 1 of the 3 divisions to have assessed. If your not sure which area is right for your company at this time, we have guides and survey discovery’s that will help better determine the best internet website marketing strategy and direction for your situation. Once a focus is chosen, Ensight will test your company’s online visibility and current online marketing climate. These results will be prepared and presented to you in simple – clear reports, along with strategy for improvement with goal planned data increases. Every scenario varies, the strategic goal plan or web marketing roadmap we give you, will be based on a combination of your active online marketing strategies, your company’s product / service logistics, your market position and demographics, and most importantly, the initially performed comprehensive surveys and discoveries.

You can choose to move forward immediately with our suggested practices and strategies, or simply take the advice into consideration as you plan your future online website marketing campaigns.

Search Engine Marketing Check Up:

Search Engine Optimization Consulting
Keywords, Content, & Links.
SEO is that simple.
Pay Per Click Consulting
Your Quality Score can change everything, PPC & SEO are more related than you might think.

User Experience & Branding Development:

Social Media Optimization Consulting
Network, Interact, & Exchange. Virally grow your biz!
Website Branding & Design
More than just a look, Branded design is about feelings!
Affiliate Marketing Consulting
Be in 100 different targeted places at once, you can’t beat that …

Long-Term Marketing Practices & Strategies:

Email Campaign Consulting Repeat business, promotions, and a multiple point of-touch form of outbound marketing. Email marketing supports your 80/20 Rule, and allows you to engage your users with your brand.

Website Traffic and User-Behavior Analytics
It’s all a Test! Nothing is in stone, all things shift! Tracking & measuring user behavior allows webmasters to react to user needs, rather than guess. Setting you above your competition!
Market Research and Analysis Consulting
As necessary as on-site tracking is, offsite analysis is critical to strong online website marketing. Who’s your competition? How do they differ? What are their strategies? Can you Learn?

What’s Right For My company?

Each channel has it’s own challenges, however all marketing practices & strategies regardless of channel, have the same foundational basis – entertain your visitors or quickly show them how you can resolve their problems, otherwise someone else will.  
  1. Search Engine Check Up = Show up on Page 1 of Google Search Listings for your Products or Services
  2. User Experience & Brand Development = Effectively solve your Visitors Problems w/ a modern website. Remain in their thoughts!
  3. Longterm Marketing Strategies = Retain Clients for residual income and support your 80/20 Rule!
If you’re still confused, no worries, it’s our job to simplify things, so perhaps we can further assist you by phone. Please contact us at 408-657-7Web