Pay Per Click Consulting


What is Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC or Pay Per Click Advertising can be crucial to to getting your new sites up until your hard earned organic content optimization takes shape. Paid Search advertising is is flexible and with Google Adwords services, can be very budget-friendly with advanced Adgroup campaign management features.

Google AdWords is a flexible advertiser that allows for ads to be made by the customer. From there, that ad will be seen on any website that has Google Adsense’s code on it. Even though the ad can be seen on any websites, the code Google has written will only show the advertiser’s ad on relevant sites.

In addition to the ads only being seen on relevant sites, Google will not charge their customers for the ad appearing on a website. Google will only charge their customer if the ad is clicked on. What is even better is that Google’s code can track accidental clicks! They will be able to tell if actual customers are visiting the site. Customers really will not waste any money on advertising.