Allied Healthcare

Discovery Phase - COMPLETED

Web Development Options:

James sorry for the delay … check out the links to the right and their respective descriptions and explanations to the left. I have listed them in order of robustness of pre-coded features (note none of these choices are insufficient, some are just more feature-packed than others).

This ordering is agin just my interpretation based on our conversations, we are really looking more for your initial reaction to the structure and skeletal layout of things above any other criteria. So rely on your gut reactions and think more like a patient than a doctor 😉 …

Beneath the offline service options reminder, you’ll find the itemized work scope options.

Website Style & Layout Options:

Below are the key-terms and conceptual phrases to represent the structural / layout differences between the themes you see on the right.
  1. Minimalist
  2. Traditional Usability
  3. Modern Usability
  4. Radical Design

* PKB gets about 400 unique visitors per 30 days, 320 gets about 3k unique visitors per 30 days (inflated because of industry) …

Domain Name Choices:

  9. ALLIEDHEALTHCARESJ.COM « —- getting too long at this point
  10. HEALTHCENTERBAYAREA.COM « —- none-branded approach, maybe future microsite
  12. « —– Auction could be very expensive
  13. [highlight]LOCALALLIEDHEALTH.COM[/highlight] « —– could be effective w/ “local”

Theme Options:

» Be sure to close the black bar with the X on the top left, after each link load:
  1. Medical Care
  2. Neptune Theme
  3. Amplifier Theme
  4. Horizon Theme
  5. SmoothBiz Theme
  6. [highlight]WordpressNext Theme[/highlight]
  7. Zoho Theme
  8. Ecclesia Theme
  9. [highlight]Striking Theme[/highlight]
  10. [highlight]Horizon Premier Theme[/highlight]
  11. [highlight]Karma Theme[/highlight]
  12. [highlight]Flare Theme[/highlight]

Things to keep in mind when choosing your domain name:

  1. Ease of typing, keeping under or around 15 characters is best
  2. Memorability
  3. Unique Value, can’t easily be consfused with other things
  4. Brand communication, summing up your service in few words

Branding & Graphics – COMPLETED

Reminder of Offline and Branding Service Options:

I have only included SEO and SMO as you mentioned interest in those two. I can also provide pay per click (which is normally recommended to supplement the longer-term organic) affiliate, email, and offline help with implementation.

For instance I just finished this offline brochure for a client:

My point being, don’t hesitate to ask different services of me, I have a team that I use for a variety of tasks.

James, these options reflect a 30% Discount from the usual … 😉

I have chosen a color palette of light blue, steel, and gold. The gold represents royalty and professionalism, the steel strength and valor, the blue trustworthiness and a hip vibe.

  1. light shades of blue steel orange
  2. vibrant shades of blue steel orange
  3. dark shades of aqua blue brown
  4. light shades of grey steel blue
  5. light shades of grey lime green
  6. dark shades of grey lime green

As far as Logos go, imagine these combined:

– Letter A above the Emerge Logo character.

– Reactive Medical illustrates the different stages of medicine with the colors (apply your palette)

– Similar to your original, I love this Wrapped A placed in with any of the following

  1. Unified Hands
  2. Integrated Shades
  3. Simple Healthcare
  4. Medical Solutions (more modern appeal)
  5. Trinity / infinity loops

More letter A samples you might consider:

  1. Alpha Media
  2. Conjoining Shades
  3. Fluid A
  4. Integrated Colors
  5. Bridging A (might be good for consolidating ideas)
  6. Alpha Computing
  7. Alpha Tech

Tag-Line Conceptual Brand Identity Completion:

For the tag-linesI have followed a theme of unifiying differnt bracnhes of medical care, and being a friendly professional health care center.


As a tag-lines which do you like:

  1. Consolidating Medicine
  2. Consolidating Medical Practice
  3. Unified Physicians – Integrated Medicine
  4. Facilitating Patient Care “
  5.  Your Health Ally
  6.  Your Local Health Ally
  7. San Jose’s Health Ally

Summated Website Development Quote:

Introduction to Pricing: You will find that I included Ensight’s normal pricing schedule in the packages beneath. It doesn’t reflect the discounted rate that I will provide you because we are working on a longterm basis, and because we go way back. For the sake of perspective, these services are not cheap as you know from your short experience with Darren, who doesn’t even do this full-time and can’t provide on demand support during development or offer these kinds of hours. Average hourly rate for such services normally begins at $80/hr and can stretch to $200 + hr depending on the company, it’s range of practice, and the individual skill of those preparing and implementing the final product. When looking at your choices, notice I have marked the most robust package of 9k, the best dollar value. Reason being is the hourly rate there drops to a very low $50/hr. That’s truly very low for the caliber work I will be doing. These are the price points before applying any discounts, you can calculate the rest yourself to see that my rates are already far below market, as expensive as they may seem. Once you apply the discount, the rate drops to a overseas / outsourced rate range.

Discounts: Now, as far as applying a discount. I was able to offer you a 30% discount on the branding packages (which were provided with the discounts already built in). So for example the branding that we did at 1k + $500 for custom design, would normally range around 2k without the price reduction. On this web design, I want you to get a sense of how the time and cost broke down on a standard scale first. So the prices here are presented differently than branding was, for the reason just stated. I cannot provide a 30% discount on this project as the hit would be to big on my end, especially with the already below market rates. I would normally offer 10% to a client that signed a longterm deal with me (I don’t need a contract from you because I trust you, and we already know there is much work to be done beyond the Pain Institute branding, print, and website). I can offer you an additional 5% as a family/friends and goodwill rate for getting going on this first big project. So you can apply a total of 15% off on whichever deal you choose, be sure to do the hourly rate calculation post discount too, to see what you’re getting.

Best Choice for Pain Institute: To provide better perspective on what is best for your Pain Institute site, the way we were originally discussing a website of the magnitude Allied Health Care’s website would have been, along with that complexity and the “time is no object, we must get it as perfect as possible” precedent, you would really only be in the range of a Phase 2 or Phase 3 Web development options. I am not sure which will fit best for Pain Institute, but the greatest indicator is raw hours. I am not going to be a stickler on exactly that many hours (which is why you see the ≈ approximate symbol), but it needs to be in that range. Now as you move from the Core Package to the various Phase Packages, besides the actual deliverables, I really think time is going to be the greatest factor. I now you will have questions about the deliverables, so I have summarized them here for you (we have actually completed the first 2 without reaching an agreement):

  1. Discovery & Survey: Scope project, understand needs from wants. Understand audience & industry. Choose efficient action plan.
  2. Theme Panning: Based on Discovery & Survey, search & identify most appropriate wordpress platform website scheme and design.
  3. Core SEO: Foundational elements of organic optimization to promote targeted, inbound traffic, and to own brand name recognition in SERP (search engine results page).
  4. General Content Plan: Envision end users’ needs while understanding industry internet standards (mimic what works, while still separating you from competition). Efficiently package content to best represent your focus. Ensure accurate scope to development process.
  5. Basic User Experience: Create engaging, sustainably informing, and modernly standardized website environment for your end user. Limit user clicking to locate any given solution. Test all developed content for proper functionality. A healthy dose of sprinkled fun into your professional website.
  6. Core Social Media: Represent brand among major (Facebook, twitter, linkedin) as well as niche (webMD,, health social networks. Create pathways from website to networks, and reverse pathway from networks to website. Strategically implement these social media pathways or content modules to best flow & work with overall website content.

Based on your revised document, and from the original precedent of quality of development over time/cost, I still believe that the Phase 2 – 3 Package range is most appropriate.

One thing we didn’t discuss in Tuesday nights Skype call, was the idea of a retainer being more financially stable for you guys. We can discuss that if you think it’ll be easier, it would then also cover the cost of work on your branding, print, and web design for the other projects as well. I don’t even know how to price that to make it more desirable than this, but I am willing to try. This deal with the 15% discount atop my competitive rates is a pretty tough deal to beat, given how I work and the quality of final product you will receive.

At the end of the day James, you can take comfort in the fact that not only do I take my work professionally and seriously, but I also want you to succeed personally. Take what we did with branding and multiply it by the power of ten for web development, to get a sense of the commitment and final product you’re investing in. 🙂