SEO Snapshot: Strategies & Practices

[frame_left]What is SEO? Do I need an SEO Consultant?[/frame_left]

SEO Expert Snapshot:


Why would you need an SEO consultant if you don’t know why SEO is crucial to online visibility? You wouldn’t! Of course, no one wants to live in the dark that way, especially not prudent business people.
The following is more an advanced lecture style course on what Search Engine Optimization is and the most common SEO practices and Strategies. For a quick general summary, visit: Bay Area SEO Consultants

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the single most effective form of quality traffic to your website. Now what you do with that traffic is another story, but for now let’s look at why SEO is so effective:

  • Solid form of long-term marketing when done properly
  • Contributes to your 80/20 Rule
  • Strong ROI after 90 days and on
  • Flexibility for niche targeting
  • SEO leads are nearly 50% more likely to convert than non-seo leads

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