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ACRC: Sport Injury Clinic Solutes Darius!

Sports injury rehabilitation can be difficult, especially at the pinnacle moment for any basketball player: NBA Draft time!

Darius Morris came to our Encino chiropractic & sports injury clinic with general soreness and pains of everyday professional athletes. ACRC doesn’t ever disclose any patient-doctor privilege information, but we can positively say that Darius was feeling great going into the draft combine workouts in the last few weeks.

Alas, drafted by the hometown Los Angeles Lakers, Darius stays right here in our backyard! Best of luck to you D from all of us at ACRC, stay informed about your body, stay healthy, and dominate on the floor!

Need info on Sports Injury Rehabilitation] or just want a general idea of what kind of Encino – Los Angeles Sports Injury Clinic ACRC is?

Be sure to check our newest drafted player, as well as our other NBA and pro sports rehab therapy patients! We are also a family Encino Chiropractic treatment center, so please don’t be intimidated by the athletes! Call us today for an Appointment | 818-986-1203!

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