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Fake Apple Store in China

No this isn’t jus another story about counterfeit Apple products!

Last week Market Watch reported a wacky story about a Fake Retail Apple Store.

This is truly amazing … so these guys in China not only are producing counterfeit Apple Macintosh products, they actually opened a counterfeit retail Apple Store!

HAHA … I mean this is just amazing to me, the effort and craftsmanship exercised to con the public here should truly be noted … Apparently the employees even thought they were actually employed by the Bay Area based company! If there was a set of “Conny Awards” (like the Webbys), this would be in the top 3 hands down!

If you read the linked article one of the comments touches on how this global coverage could be equivalent to millions in brand advertising dollars saved for Apple, what do you think? Even if they are losing x mil in potential sales from each one of these operations, we’re all now talking about Apple and sharing this spectacle with friends!

Perhaps Jerry Jones is right when he says: “there is no such thing as Negative Press!” Press, negative or positive, tells a story. Story telling is key in branding and markeitng. Check out this section we built for Ensight’s Branding Services

Here is the link to the original article by Market Watch: Fake Apple Store in China

Crazy things going on in the world when doesn’t know the real identity of their employer! More than ever before, buyer beware … especially if it’s made in China!

Michael Bhrad
Ensight Founder