Internet Marketing Practices & Strategies

Why Web Marketing:
Hi, I Michael Bhrad and Ensight Marketing want to make your business visible through web marketing! It might not be the final frontier, but the internet is an active frontier, and that’s something special in and of itself. As a young man I was an AOL chat “junkie”, while I am today a fantasy sports and Wikipedia “enthusiast”, Yes I have managed to accomplish something along the way,:-). The point is the Internet is happening man! One cannot truly measure the value of Information available at a keystrokes’ demand, or the illusive dangers for that matter. At Ensight Marketing, we are passionate about constructing your website’s needs and dreams into realities.

SEO | PPC | Email | Social Media | & More Marketing Channels:

SEO or Search Engine Optimization marketing, is in its own class. In my opinion, it’s the best. However, it requires a commitment to producing relevant content with discipline. You have to produce fresh content on your domain (via blog) consistently, while maintaining a good content presence on the internet outside of your domain (website). A common phrase in the SEO industry: “If Content is King, Linking is Queen!” Secondly you need to have quality links. Google and the other search engines want to be sure they provide their audience with accurate results, so if your website sells cat food and you get a link from Petco vs getting a link from a blog about Sally’s favorite cats, it makes a diff. However, good luck getting a link from Petco. Call 408-529-1998 if you need more help understanding how you can increase your business.

PPC or Paid Search Engine Advertising (the sponsored links you see), can break you or make you. It is a varying channel, more effective for some business than others. The criteria for that can be tricky and requires analysis, but these are the issues:

  • Upfront and Long-term Budget
  • Product/Service Line
  • Website Age & History
  • Company Culture

Call or visit us and we’ll help you figure it out.

Email Marketing is a great tool for cultivating, or farming your leads internally. Lead nurturing has a scientific basis, but it can be an art depending on your company & market. Effective website marketing presentation can be the difference in succeeding with email. After-all, your not only marketing to the database you actively have, one of the goals should be to grow your database as you practice good email marketing strategies for action.

Social Media is another one of those “depends” channels. No matter what, it is always a very effective tool for brand recognition and other branding tactics such as Ensight Consultants Branding Services. Social Media helps create something that has broken through as a standard in modern business, target audience and clientele engagement. You can now interact with your clients, execute sale propositions in new ways and literally touch and feel your client’s reaction to your company. Additional channels one can use in marketing campaigns:

  • Mobile Marketing (new & growing)
  • Affiliate Marketing (similar to PPC but with rich media)
  • A/B & Multivariate (testing tactic, not really a channel but it can impact your business in like a new marketing channel)

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