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What’s “Ensightful” World?

This Bay Area SEO Consultant of Ensight Marketing, hasn’t been an active blogger for some time, lots going on right now with Ensight Marketing, my California based internet marketing brand.

The Bay Area is full of SEO consultants and website designers among all internet marketers, so it makes for a competitive playing field for us marketing consultants, and a great consumer’s choice opportunity. Ensight Marketing’s a Bay Area based web marketing consulting company with a versatile online marketing reach. So is the marketing consulting from a hi-tech naval center better than from other regions of the world? Afterall, Google is located in the Bay Area 🙂 …

We haven’t really talked about our growth and events much, because well, we’re busy working on great results for clients! Of coarse we will post some News & PR type stuff as we move on and grow.

Ensight Marketing really specializing in search engine marketing (SEM), with more of a focus on search engine optimization rather than pay per click ad consulting. We do offer full internet marketing strategies and practices through all main channels, but our focus is more in the world of search engine marketing consulting.

Ensight is of the adage that an SEO lead is more controllable, “qualifiable,” and simply, time-worthy. So we tend to focus a bit more heavily on SEO for small business in the Bay Area as well as Southern California and out of state. We also do website design and branding, we have several U.S. based partner companies that we exchange specialty services with.

Ensight Marketing is now looking to sign two prominent contracts for major websites in the sports entertainment arena’s of the internet! Ensight’s most current project is Dr. Patrick Khaziran’s DC Advanced Chiropractic Rehab Center in Encino, California. ACRC serves as Encino’s most modern and friendly sports injury rehab therapy and chiropractic treatment center.

Visit Patrick Khaziran’s Encino Chiropractor website today to see how good Dr. Patrick’s services are, and the quality of product Ensight Marketing proudly stands behind producing.


Some other projects to check out:

• Alexander & Sons Inc: Bay Area Landscaping Contractors

• Pacific Kitchen & Bath: Bay Area Custom Kitchens


[projects on the horizon]

• SEM via SEO: SEO Practices – Strategies

• Sweet of the Day: Baking Sweets Recipes

• Pulminary Disease Foundation


Update you all soon!

Michael Bhrad

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