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Why SEO Leads as your Online Marketing Strategy?

Make SEO your Online Marketing Hedgehog Strategy?

SEO (search engine optimization) matters because it brings you a different kind of lead than most other channels. In conventional inbound marketing and advertising, the user is interrupted to see a product or service. Although annoying, we know it still can work. The fact is people need and more-so, want things!

It’s a matter of finding the right buyer for your product or service. Or is it?

In the modern world of search engine marketing (which also includes pay per click advertising with SEO), we have the prospect coming to the vendor. 10-15 years ago knowing about the value of SEO on the archaic search engines, could have made one a small fortune.

Today there is far more competition because the word has gotten out about search engine based leads being several times as likely to purchase because of a personal motivation or interest, as opposed to an interruptive message.

I guess it’s not sooooo modern, search engines like Google are digital, mathematically accurate, infinitely vast, neo Yellow-Pages. From a business standpoint, it’s a tool that can allow one to grab more market share when wielded with patience, longterm investment, and commitment to content production.

Copywriting & Content Production for SEO

Content (copywriting and visual communication) is one of the biggest reasons SEO should be chosen as a channel. SEO strives on links and needs links (from other websites who are authoritative on the topics you want to rank for) to gain popularity, but more than anything, what fuels those links as well as the algorithms of the search engines, is content!

Now what does this have to do with why SEO is better converting? Because users NEED CONTENT! We need content to understand the product or service, we need content to gain some further perspective on functionality, pricing, competitive selling points, etc…

Now the goal here is to help the user in some way. Either you have to entertain them or solve their problems, or somebody else will! Good copywriting for SEO involves the challenge of balancing the art of writing for the user, with science of writing for the search engines.

Now some may argue that copywriting seems to be headed in the “dying art” direction with the advent of youtube and different visual communication medians (check article on why Youtube is good for SEO). However all that is content! Furthermore, when was the last time you saw a web video without some copywriting around it to frame it or explain an adjacent service or offer?

SEO leads Provide Online Marketing Strategy Success

If you stick to the goal of improving your content for the users, while finding a way to work your optimized keyword phrases in, you will most likely succeed.

Success will be found in forms of:

  • gaining more brand reputation (credibility) with your prospects improving the strength of your brand
  • driving more targeted traffic
  • enjoying a growing database (if your content is helpful and free, you will grow – it’s a no brainer)
  • enjoying good ROI with conversions
  • experiencing a strong longterm rank in the SERPS (depends on the competitiveness of your words)

Remember as you take different online marketing strategies into consideration, search engine marketing allows for more control (seo keyword motivation and psychology; ppc daily budgeting management), targeted and qualified inbound prospects (seo keyword modifiers such as “price”; ppc regional ad targeting), and measured for increased improvement (seo and ppc allow for full tracking of the user’s origin as well as a variety of data fields on user behavior after arrival to your site).

If you need more help understanding search engine marketing and how it can fit your present online marketing profile, please feel free to get in touch with us by your choice of phone, email, or website.

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Wrapping up the SEM Strategy Blog

To wrap the Search Engine Marketing (SEO focused) conversation back up, here is a summation:

  • SEO doesn’t involve outbound hassling; it’s an inbound non-interruptive marketing channel
  • SEO leads are motivated, qualified, and convert better in the longrun
  • SEO forces you to produce lots of useful content for the user
  • SEO means your higher in Google, needless to say, they have a good amount of user loyalty

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